Summer School

The Archbishop Lanfranc Academy ran a Summer School for pupils transitioning into Y7 from 26th July to 30th July 2021.

60 pupils took up the offer, which was offered to all Y6 pupils offered a place at Lanfranc for September 2021.

Throughout the week, pupils enjoyed the following activities:

  1. Literacy catch-up
  2. Numeracy catch-up
  3. Practical Science
  4. PE/ Sport activities
  5. Cooking
  6. Craft
  7. Language tuition
  8. Team building and transition activities

The Academy spent £8012.80 on staff salaries for the Summer School with 13 teachers and 2 “Kick London” mentors/ Sports’ Coaches.

The Academy spent £1,925 on the free lunch we provided on each of the days.

The equipment used for the activities came from existing Academy stock and therefore no costs were incurred.

The Academy is therefore claiming a total of £9,938 from the dedicated government grant set aside for this purpose.