The Archbishop Lanfranc Academy students have been set weekly challenges in addition to their subject studies. Students participate representing their Academy House: Fawcett, Fleming, Seacole or Wilberforce.

This week’s challenges included an exercise challenge, reading, baking and drawing a self-portrait.

Participation leads to House points that ultimately contribute to a final total with other competitions across the year. In addition, students also run events in House teams to raise money for their chosen charities.


Patrycja S 7M
Aakarshanaa A 7M
Ieva V 8S
Patrycja S 7M


Ivy T 9E
Joshua P-E 7A
Sonny D 11E
Kiara O-M 7A.jpg
Jemimah A 7A


Tyrese B 7T
Paige H 10S
Jipisan N 9R
Ganishdhan G 8M
Naim A 7T
Paige H 10S


Samia K 9S
Anna T 7E
Izabela S 7E
Alfie M 9E