PSHE & Citizenship

GCSE Examination Board:

AQA citizenship GCSE.

Suggested support at home:

AQA GCSE (9-1) Citizenship Studies by Mike Mitchell


BBC bitesize PSHE and Citizenship

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  • Active citizenship
  • Politics and participation
  • Life in Modern Britain
  • Rights and responsibilities



  • The ability to recognise bias.
  • Critically evaluate argument, weigh evidence and look for alternative interpretations and sources of evidence.
  • Independent research (facilitated through the coursework).
  • Forming justified opinions.



Books marked formatively twice a half term. Homework marked throughout the half term. Regular informal verbal feedback given.

Assessment opportunities

  • 2 papers (paper 1 = 1 hour 45 minutes. Paper 2 = 1 hour 45 minutes)


Extra-curricular Opportunities

Year 10 tour of Parliament.



Year 7



Autumn Term


Spring Term

Looking after the world

Summer Term

Advocacy project


Year 8

Autumn Term

Government and politics

Spring Term


Summer Term

Advocacy project




(Overview of the course)

Citizenship studies investigates how the citizen is enabled by society to play a full and active part and how citizens are empowered to effect change within society. Citizenship understanding develops through the knowledge of how a society operates and functions and its underlying values.

Paper 1 (1 hour 45 minutes, 50%): Active Citizenship + Politics and participation.

Paper 2 (1 hour 45 minutes, 50%): Life in modern Britain + Rights and responsibilities.

Year 9

Autumn Term

Law & order

Spring Term

Youth crime

Summer Term

Advocacy Project


Autumn Term

Making a change: pressure groups and campaigning.

Spring Term

Identity, immigration & multiculturalism.

Summer Term

The UK’S role in the world.


Autumn Term

Citizenship coursework: pupils chose an issue to research and advocate for.

Spring Term

Justice and Law

Summer Term