20th October 2017Half Term Update - October 2017All Parents
13th October 2017Academy DayAll Parents
12th October 2017Y7 Settling In EveningYear 7 Parents
12th October 2017French Institute TripAll Parents
2nd October 2017Berlin 2018All Parents
29th September 2017British LibraryAll Parents
19th September 2017SMA Y11 Geography FieldtripYear 11 Parents
11th September 2017KWA Trip Sep 2017All Parents
1st July 2017Sports Day 2017All Parents
19th June 2017Concert LetterAll Parents
15th June 2017Show and Present EveningAll Parents
18th May 2017Letter to Lanfranc Parents from Chair of Governors re Mrs Martin retiring - 16 May 2017All Parents
27th April 2017Academy Day 2017All Parents
24th April 2017Tie and BroochAll Parents
4th April 2017Music Tuition Y7 & Y8. Summer 17All Parents
3rd April 2017Y9 Parents’ EveningYear 9 Parents
22nd February 2017Y10 Parents EveningYear 10 Parents
10th February 2017Parents letter Feb 17All Parents
24th January 2017Y8 Parents’ EveningYear 8 Parents
9th December 2016End of Term Parents LetterAll Parents
8th December 2016Year 11 PromYear 11 Parents
2nd December 2016Music Tuition Y7 & Y8All Parents
29th November 2016Academy DayAll Parents
19th October 2016Half Term UpdateAll Parents
18th October 2016Y11 Parents EveningYear 11 Parents
23rd September 2016WEX Letter Yr10Year 10 Parents
23rd September 2016HPV Letter Yr8Year 8 Parents
20th September 2016Parent InformationAll Parents
12th September 2016Academy DayAll Parents
12th September 2016Academy Captains Application Y12Sixth Form Parents
12th September 2016Academy Captains Application Y11Year 11 Parents