PSHE and Citizenship


All students study PSHCE once a week in Year 7 and Year 8.

Students in Year 7 follow a programme of study which includes:

  • Staying Healthy– diet and exercise, healthy lifestyle, smoking, personal hygiene
  • Staying safe- Police Talk, gang awareness project and resolving personal conflict
  • What is citizenship? Active citizenship, democracy and Parliament

Students in Year 8 follow a programme of study which includes:

  • Local, national and global governance- What is Parliament and what does an MP do? What does Croydon County Council do for us? What is the European Union?
  • Relationships- Girlfriends and boyfriends. What is the role and importance of marriage in society? Sex education
  • Rights and Responsibilities- What are human rights and how are they protected? How have human rights been violated e.g. modern slavery, human trafficking. What rights do we have as consumers?
  • Identities and Diversity- What does it mean to be ‘British’? What different groups exist in society? How might conflict be avoided? What are the issues surrounding refugees?


Citizenship GCSE is a core subject for all students at KS4, commencing in Year 9.

Exam Board: AQA
Specification: Citizenship (4107)

Students in Year 9 follow a programme of study which includes:

  • Responsible and Informed Citizens
  • Economic Wellbeing and Budgeting
  • Staying Safe
  • Active Citizenship Project “First Give”

Y10 & Y11
Students in Year 10 and Year 11 follow a programme of study which includes:

  • Theme 1- Community Action and Active Citizenship
  • Theme 2- Being a Citizen in the UK
  • Theme 3- Fairness and Justice
  • Theme 4- Global Issues


The GCSE consists of Controlled Assessment (60%) and written examination (40%). Students will participate in two active citizenship campaigns done as group work followed by individual write-ups.
Controlled Assessment title 1: Advocacy and Representation.
Controlled Assessment title 2: Taking Informed and Responsible Action.