If your son or daughter would like to learn an instrument, pupils can ask for a letter from Mr. Bridgwood at the Academy. The following lessons are available: Drum Kit, Guitar, Keyboard and Voice


All students study Music once a week at KS3. All students perform and compose using classroom percussion instruments, drum kit, keyboards and voice.


Autumn Term:

  • Graphic Scores
  • Keyboard Skills and Musical Elements

Spring Term:

  • Instruments of the Orchestra
  • Music of the World

Summer Term:

  • Music for Film
  • Introduction to Music Technology


Autumn Term:

  • Gamelan
  • The Blues

Spring Term:

  • Minimalism
  • Music Technology

Summer Term:

  • The Histories of Modern Music
  • Grime & Rap


Music is an option subject at KS4 which students may choose to study at GCSE level commencing in Y9.

Exam Board: AQA
Specification: Music 8271


Suggested support at home


AQA GCSE Music Revision Guide – Rhinegold Education



Component 1: Understanding Music                              1hr 30min exam (40%)

  • Listening
  • Contextual Understanding

Component 2: Performing Music                        Minimum 4mins total (30%)

  • 1 Solo Performance
  • 1 Ensemble Performance

Component 3: Composing Music                         Minimum 3mins total (30%)

  • 1 Free Composition
  • 1 Composition to a Brief


Students’ coursework will be completed during the three years alongside the topics for each term.