GCSE Examination Board:

    Edexcel syllabus A


    Assessment opportunities:

    End of year exams 7 – 10

    Year 11 Mock exams December and March


    Yr 7: Cuckmere Haven

    GCSE: Physical geography – Coasts (Walton-on-Naze) and Human geography – Inner City (Croydon land use and environmental quality)

    GCSE Overview:

    Component 1: The Physical EnvironmentComponent 2: The Human EnvironmentComponent 3:

    Geographical investigations

    1 hour 30 minutes exam1 hour 30 minutes exam1 hour 30 minutes exam
    37.5% of GCSE37.5% of GCSE25%
    3 Sections3 Sections3 sections
    Section A: UK Landscapes (Overview of UK landscapes, Coasts, Rivers)Section A: Changing citiesSection A: Physical environments (Coasts)
    Section B: Weather hazards and climate changeSection B: Global developmentSection B: Human environments (Inner city)
    Section C: Ecosystems, biodiversity and ManagementSection C: Resource ManagementSection C: UK Challenges


    Subject Title

    Year 7

    Autumn TermIntroduction to geography and geography skills
    Spring TermPopulation and tectonic hazards
    Summer TermVolcanoes and Rivers


    Year 8

    Autumn TermCoasts and Brazil
    Spring TermEcosystems – Focus on Brazil and the Amazon Rainforest

    Ecosystems Project

    Summer TermThe geography of crime

    fieldwork investigation on crime


    Year 9

    Autumn TermChanging landscapes of the UK

    Coastal landscapes and processes

    Spring TermThe Physical Environment


    Summer TermThe Human Environment



    Curriculum:Components 1 and 2
    Autumn TermLandscapes of the UK, Coastal landscapes and processes (inc. Fieldwork)
    Spring TermRiver landscapes and processes
    Summer TermUrbanisation: Birmingham and Mexico


    Autumn TermNatural Hazards
    Spring TermPopulation and Settlement
    Summer TermRevision