Further Education and Careers

Further Education and Careers


All students are encouraged to apply for future study or training, with a particular welcome to the sixth form available at The Archbishop Lanfranc & The Quest Academy. However, impartial advice is provided to ensure that the right choices are selected.

Students are prepared to write applications for sixth forms and colleges at the beginning of Year 11. The most appropriate courses are discussed with tutors prior to applications, given the academic profile and career aspirations. References are written by staff to support applications. The aim is for all students to have intended destinations prior to the end of the spring term.

A Careers Fair is organised with a range of employers to outline the nature of the vocation and entry routes. Employers in past years have included, amongst others, retail, law, medicine, accountancy, architecture and design.

Information on careers is available in the Learning Resource Centre. The following resources are available:

Prospectuses for local college courses

Prospectuses for university courses

Access to careers websites through the internet

A series of books from the publisher, How 2 Become, that outline routes into particular careers


Website links to support careers research: