We aim to give pupils the key skills and knowledge in thinking, making, evaluating and improving their art work to enable them to become creative and confident artists. Through the various projects students develop an understanding of the work of different cultures, artists, craftmakers and designers. Pupils also work independently by keeping a visual diary throughout the year. All students have one lesson of Art a week at KS3.


Students in Year 7 follow a programme of study which includes:

  • Understanding colour and tone
  • A Picasso-style painting
  • Exploring and experimenting with pattern


Students in Year 8 follow a programme of study which includes:

  • Self-portrait through observation
  • Exploring plant-forms
  • An abstract painting


Art is an option subject at KS4 which students may choose to study at GCSE level commencing in Y9. It consists of 60% Personal Portfolio and 40% Externally Set Assignment. The Personal Portfolio follows the general theme of Self-Identity and includes both teacher led projects and students’ independent diary work. The Externally Set Assignment is a project following a theme set by the exam board and is facilitated by the teacher. Art GCSE is suitable for creative and imaginative pupils who are keen to develop their visual skills, enjoy experimenting and risk taking and are able to sustain an investigation. Art GCSE can lead to careers in the Art and Design industry.

Exam Board: Edexcel
Specification: Fine Art: FA01 and FA02


Students in Year 9 follow a programme of study which includes:

  • A layered painting based on Chris Ofili
  • Still-life drawing and collage based on Gary Hume
  • A Picasso sculpture
  • Responding to a Gallery visit
  • Analysing and responding to Frida Kahlo


Students in Year 10 follow a programme of study which includes:

  • Portraiture
  • Painting
  • sculpture


Students in Year 11 follow a programme of study which includes:

  • Mock Externally Set Assignment
  • Externally Set Assignment