From year 9, students can choose to study GCSE Computer Science. The course is rigorous, intellectually challenging and requires a high level of computational thinking.

As the course has a significant amount of mathematical content, we advise that students have attained a level 6 in Mathematics by the end of Key Stage 3.

There are two units, made up of 75% examination and 25% programming assessment.

Exam Board: Edexcel

Specification: Pearson Edexcel Level 1/ Level 2 GCSE in Computer Science (1CP0)


Students in Year 9 follow a programme of study which includes:

  • Introduction to the fundamental principles and concepts of Computer Science.
  • Develop and apply computational thinking skills to analyse problems.
  • Develop awareness of current and emerging trends in computing technologies.


Students in Year 10 follow a programme of study which includes:

  • Develop awareness of the impact of computing on individuals, society and the environment.
  • Introduction to the Python programming language.
  • Gain practical experience of designing, writing and testing computer programs that accomplish specific goals.


Students in Year 11 follow a programme of study which includes:

  • Communicate Computer Science concepts and explain computational solutions clearly and concisely using appropriate terminology.
  • Controlled assessment (board set task)
  • Develop the ability to reason, explain and evaluate computing solutions